Dr Wellthy toilet stools 415x24x17cm white healthy

Dr Wellthy toilet stools 415x24x17cm white healthy

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Brand: Quality Contor

Color: toilet stool


  • Effect: The toilet chair enables the anatomically healthy sitting position recommended by scratches at 35 angles (as in the crouch), straightens the intestinal tract (which is otherwise cut off without a tremenda by the pubic rectum muscle) and enables a quick, relaxed and satisfactory bowel movements.
  • Prevation: Due to the relief of the intestine, constipation, hmorrhoids, irritable bowel and other intestinal diseases are prevented, so the cloakock is a gnest and naturally alternative to folding and fingers. Reduction of blhungs and blhbauch
  • Practical design: The small, compact toilet stool is suitable for every hermit toilet thanks to its rounded form. The enjoyed FU shelf easily helps you to take the optimal, stable crouch. In the fenes of the Bad Schemel, an anti -slip rubberation is integrated for a safe stand.
  • The perfect companion for detoxification of the toilet stool also has an understates in detox and detox cures and subsequently subordinates the intestinal remediation of intestinal cleaning, since difficult fabrics are guided out of their body.
  • help reduce the removal of the organ, intestinal health, the stool for better digestion, an ideal intestinal flora and healthy bowel movements. Width 42cm - depth 20cm - high 17cm

binding: household goods

Details: The anatomy of humans is actually not geared towards our western seat toilets, which means that digestive problems and civilization diseases how hmorrhoids, constipation and irritable bowel are caused. Before the invention of the seated button, people shouted at a crouch in a 35 -angle and did not have to deal with the grotile of today's intestinal complaints. With our Dr. Wellthy Bad Hocker return to the original stool by getting your FE and bent your legs, preventing your intestine from kinking and thus experiencing an anatomically optimal hazard. They not only facilitate bowel movements, but also increase their well -being afterwards, as their intestines are completely emptied through the step. This large intestinal renovation actively serves to prevent pressing pain and the intestinal diseases already mentioned (constipation, irritable bowel, stomach and press pain) and improve your digestion. The stool is a relief helper for both children and for adults, but seniors in particular can fred their intestinal health with the bathroom chair. The use of the toilet stool is a natural treatment alternative to medical aids such as hmorrids ointments, pitches, creams, tablets, derogatory and other advanced aids. This is also proven by various medical studies and the method of trembling is also recommended. Due to the large intestinal cleaning, intestinal emptying, the toilet stool is also ideally suited for detoxification detoxification, because the organism is significantly subordinate to the excretion of the resulting poisons and rcs. This means that the complete effect of detox funds and detoxification can be better. So bring your intestine in shape with the toilet chair for a better toilet. Losing weight.

EAN: 426045781244

Paketmae: 16.2 x 10.7 x 6.7 Inches

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