Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125

Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125
Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125
Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125
Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125

Filtro Lunar 13 Pro Skyways DE 125

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Brand: Slokey Discover the World


  • European company 96 Satische Customers. 2 years of guarantee - Get a 2 -year guarantee with your Lunar Slokey Skyways Filter, which guarantees you exhallable quality and durability so that you can enjoy it for years ... Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, we guarantee that you love or money back ... just buy it yourself without violence and save!
  • excellent quality No. 1 in quality with this moon filter you can reduce the brightness and improve the contrast to observe sharp images of moon and other planets such as Venus ... You will discover amazing details of the moon surface with excellent clarity by You reduce the brightness and get the natural color of the picture ... Moon shines too much ... Get the moon filter with the best performance for the price
  • Solid and robust structure: The moon filter body consists of a high -quality aluminum alloy to get a higher strength. It is the essential compliance for moon observation, also for beginning. Get your ideal moon filter today. 9 out of 10 people who tested him recommend Wrden.
  • Discover our moon filters with 13 and 25 by experts recommended for its qualification. This moon filter is also the indispensable access to Finnger. Sail the filter according to your telescope, the 25 moon filter is excellent for telescopes up to 102 mm. Ffnen and for a larger telescope we recommend the filter of 13. Bring your astronomy to the next stage with these great moon filters.
  • We recommend that you test our Skyways 40070 telescope. This is the best telescope for introducing astronomy, portable and powerful, 16 x 120 x, easy to assemble and use, ideal for children and beginners. Both for the compensation for land observation ... super powerful to observe every detail, but light and portable for a child. The perfect gift for every child.

binding: Camera

Article number: azul

Details: Moon filter, telescope moon filter, teleskopf filter, astronomy filter, moon filter, moon filter, moon filter, compatible with any telescope, caught for telescopes, engraving astronomy, moon filter, astrophotography, moon filter, Celestron moon filter, moon filter, moon filter, transform your telescope In a super powerful telescope by moon filter for astronomy telescopes, eyepiece, improvement performance of your OS Current caros for the costs of a single lens, quality and contrast on the image of the lunar view planet and galaxies, compatible with all Celestron Sbony Orion Bresser Telescope P>

EAN: 0744678093314

Paketmae: 3.1 x 3.0 x 0.9 Inches

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